Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Review

Enjoying the outdoors with friends and family is incredibly fun, but other times running solo on an outdoor adventure is a necessity.  

If you are contemplating a solo camping setup that is streamlined and comfortable, you might be considering weather protection, comfortable sleeping arrangements, or keeping away from the biting insects.

That’s why we reviewed a perfect option that brings together all the elements:  The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock from Lawson Hammock.

If you want to avoid the bulkiness and time consuming set up of conventional camping gear, this thoughtfully designed hammock will allow you to set your focus elsewhere. 

Whether that is catching huge trout or tagging your first bull elk, this hammock excels in a huge variety of outdoor applications.

Unmatched Versatility

Using Hammock

The advantages of hammock camping all but decimate any potential benefits of traditional tent camping.  

First and foremost, being able to suspend your domicile from surrounding trees removes the discomforts associated with rocky or uneven ground.  

That factor alone means the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock opens up tremendous territory that can be more than suitable for hammock camping.

Waking up with damp sleeping quarters is also commonplace with most traditional tents. 

Even if the air is fairly dry, ground moisture is almost always going to have it’s effects on your sleeping arrangements.  

By comparison, sleeping above the ground removes that part of the equation.  

You could suspend this camping hammock above soaking wet ground, or even over a stream, and stay completely dry!

With traditional tent camping, contact with the ground conducts body heat away while you are sleeping.  

Again, ground contact is removed from the equation with the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock.  

Even in wintery cold conditions, using this camping hammock in combination with the Lawson Underquilt is going to provide warmth and comfort that far out-performs tenting.

Ready For The Weather

One of the things we really like about Lawson’s Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is the way it adapts to a wide variety of weather conditions.  

For your average summer night, stargazing through the spacious overhead screen makes for spectacular views while also providing ample ventilation.  

The mesh is quite fine, so even small biting insects are blocked from entry.  

But if insects are of no concern, you can also turn the hammock over and sleep in the open, entirely under the stars.

Realistically, we all know weather conditions can and do change unexpectedly.  

Having extensive experience in the outdoors, Lawson includes a full rain fly that is constructed from rugged rip-stop nylon.

During our testing , we had the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock out in a few good soaking rain storms, and it performed very nicely.  

The rain fly covers well down over the sides so even blowing rain is kept out.  

When the clouds roll in fast, the rain fly attaches really quick and easy with bungees and velcro straps.

Comfort Above Other Hammocks

Laying In Hammock

While conventional hiking hammocks are excellent for long distance backpacking, they do have some limitations.  

For example, conventional hammocks lack any rigid structure, so you can really only sleep on your back.  Side sleeping is all but impossible.

One of the unique designs of the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is the use of rigid spreader bars at each end.  

The bars transform the overall feel of the hammock into something resembling a floating tent design.  

They keep the floor more flat and widen the overall layout so side sleeping is a definite possibility.

Beyond that, the spreader bars also provide more interior space, so you can hang a light from the ceiling rings, move around, and keep personal items nearby in the hanging storage compartments.  

That is something you won’t find in traditional hammock designs.

Easy Setup & Compact Design

Along with all the great features of the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock, initial set up is very simple.  

Two lightweight aluminum arch poles keep the vestibule elevated above the sleeping area, so you won’t get that claustrophobic feeling.

The 2-piece spreader bars click together and make the hammock super comfortable and spacious.  

And the additional Suspension Strap System includes clips and a tightening buckle so you can setup the hammock without any complicated knots.  

Suspending the hammock is as easy as passing the straps around a tree, clipping the hammock to the straps, and pulling the straps tight. In five minutes, you are done!

But the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock differs from most hammocks in that suspending this hammock isn’t the only setup option.  

If you are in an area that lacks trees and vegetation, you can set up this hammock on the ground as a bivvy, and essentially use it just like a miniature tent.  

You wont be doing that with a traditional hammock!

When you want to pack up, the hammock breaks down in just a few short minutes, and rolls up small to fit in the included stuff sack which measures 22” x 6”.

Technical Specs

  • Total Weight: With Straps – 4 lbs, 15 oz  Without Straps – 4lbs, 4 oz (including poles, rain fly and stuff sack)
  • Interior Length: With Straps – 4 lbs, 15 oz  Without Straps – 4lbs, 4 oz (including poles, rain fly and stuff sack)
  • End to End Length: With Straps – 4 lbs, 15 oz  Without Straps – 4lbs, 4 oz (including poles, rain fly and stuff sack)
  • Packing Size: With Straps – 4 lbs, 15 oz  Without Straps – 4lbs, 4 oz (including poles, rain fly and stuff sack)
  • Weight Limit: With Straps – 4 lbs, 15 oz  Without Straps – 4lbs, 4 oz (including poles, rain fly and stuff sack)
  • Color: With Straps – 4 lbs, 15 oz  Without Straps – 4lbs, 4 oz (including poles, rain fly and stuff sack)


  • Rip-stop and poly pack hammock construction for lightweight durability
  • Ultra fine, no-see-um net canopy keeps bugs out
  • Waterproof rip-stop nylon rain fly for all-weather use (polyethylene coated to 1000mm)
  • Sealed nylon border on the canopy protects against water blowing up under rain fly
  • Strong 10-point Spreader bar system for flat interior surface
  • Shock-corded aluminum arch poles provides roomy net canopy
  • Single secured zippered entry
  • Additional exterior loops for ground staking
  • Two interior storage pockets
  • O-ring in ceiling for hanging light
  • Use suspended or on the ground

Overall Assessment

Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

The versatility and rugged build quality of this hammock really impressed us.  

There really isn’t much that this hammock cannot do well.  The only minor drawback is going to be for thru-hikers who really need to minimize weight as much as possible.  

While the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock isn’t what we could consider a heavy option by any means, at a little over four pounds it is heavier than you would likely want for thru-hiking.

From our perspective, day hiking with this hammock is most certainly an option.  In fact, it is particularly a great option for backcountry fishing or hunting destinations.  

Though Lawson Hammock’s designation as a ‘Camping Hammock’ is fitting, the overall mobility of this hammock is excellent.  

Set up and tear-down is really fast, so moving from one destination to another is pretty hassle-free.

The big benefit of the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is how incredibly adaptable and functional it is.  

This camping hammock is obviously designed to perform in a huge variety of conditions and environments.  

It can keep you warm and dry, even when conditions are cold and wet.  When the mosquitoes and biting insects are in full swing, this hammock keeps you out of reach.

If you are looking for a hammock that is comfortable, built to last, and really easy to set up, then we highly recommend the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock from Lawson Hammocks.  

You can find the Blue Ridge Hiking Hammock on, or see all the details on the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock directly through

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