Wading Gear

We review all the fishing gear you could ever need and more.  With all the fly fishing gear choices out there, this is the gear that we like the most.  We try to narrow down the good from the bad, and the over priced from the cheap and flimsy.

We want to save you some cash by pointing you toward solid gear choices that perform and fit your budget. There is a lot of gear to sort through surrounding fly fishing as well. 

Whether you are trying to sort through fly tying vises and tying materials, or the best flies for trout, we help you sort out the details.

The variety of fishing gear out there is staggering.  And with all those gear choices come even more accessories.  We cover all the must-have accessories like polarized fishing sunglasses, landing nets and fly boxes.  

But we also review wading gear like fly fishing waders and wading boots, to the best wading jacket or hip waders. Whether you prefer a fishing vestchest pack, or sling pack, we examine all of today’s top fishing packs.

You’ll notice our gear selections are not all big-ticket, top-shelf items.  That’s because you don’t need to surrender your bank routing numbers to have a great time fly fishing.  Good gear is good gear, regardless of the price. We want to help you make an informed decision.

We aren’t looking to throw a pile of gear at you and leave it up to you to sort it all out.  That wouldn’t be very helpful in making your decision any easier. 

Our selection of the best fly fishing gifts could be a great place to start, and every fishing fanatic needs a waterproof watch.  What makes a particular piece of equipment perform well is important to us.  We want to help by passing that info along.

We do our best to dig into the details of what we consider to be the most reliable and best performing fly fishing gear out there.  And while we are at it, provide a sense for why other gear didn’t make the cut.

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