There are plenty of options to choose from when you look to purchase watercraft for your fishing adventures.  If you enjoy fishing remote and isolated bodies of water, then there are lightweight inflatable watercraft that are designed to be carried on foot.  

Rivers are a favorite destination for those looking for a memorable day of fishing.  But oftentimes fishing the banks of a river can draw attention to those mid-river holding areas that look to be loaded with prime fishing opportunities.  Without a good boat those fish will remain well out of reach.

Whitewater rivers are incredibly powerful and nothing to be toyed with.  Depending on the class of whitewater, you may quite literally be risking your life if you try to run a whitewater river with improper watercraft or safety gear.  

Many whitewater fishing raft manufacturers design their rafts with fittings that provide for the attachment of rowing frames.  These same fittings also provide for fastening larger fishing frames that feature casting platforms, lean bars, and other features beneficial to anglers.  

A waterproof fishing backpack can also prove quite helpful to protect your gear and sensitive electronics in wet whitewater conditions.

Inflatable watercraft generally are quite buoyant  and difficult to swamp.  Certainly that is a helpful characteristic in rough conditions but has its benefits in any water. Similar to inflatable fishing rafts, inflatable kayaks offer many of the same benefits in a smaller package. 

And today’s inflatable kayaks feature many of the angler-friendly features found on traditional polyurethane fishing kayaks, which have also advanced greatly in recent years.  

Modern fishing kayaks are loaded with fishing accessories like rod holders, storage wells, and mounting platforms for fish finders. And adding a trolling motor to your kayak can transform your boat into a mean fishing machine.

Combining recreational enjoyment and the thrill of casting for big fish, a fishing paddle board can double as a functional fishing craft as well as a source of amusement. For other anglers, versatility is the name of the game.  

After all, why purchase a whole list of watercraft if you can find one that covers a wide range of applications.  With that in mind, pontoon boats are remarkably adaptable and comfortable boats that track nicely in both moving and still water applications. 

Regardless of your choice of boat, there are a huge variety of boating accessories like boat coolers and rod holders that make a day on the water much more enjoyable.

The most beautiful fishing locations are often some of the most remote, and are usually accessed the old fashioned way: by foot.  While hiking into these isolated fisheries can make for a memorable experience, proper planning and a good waterproof fishing camera will only serve to enhance the good time.  

Before setting out, considering the weight in your hiking pack is worthwhile.  You don’t want to overload yourself and risk a dangerous situation.  

At the same time, you don’t want to go without the essential fishing gear.  For many anglers, remote fishing with a float tube is a no-brainer.  Many are packable and light enough that the trade-off in weight is well worth the access to prime fishing territory.

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